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Do you suffer from chronic or intermittent pain but still aspire to work out, lose weight, build strength, burn body fat, get in shape, and feel alive no matter what age you are? Our brand-new, first-of-its-kind, integrated fitness program can put a stop to your pain and make your dreams come true. Integrated Fitness Solutions are not just a fad or quick-fix—it is a solution for people over the age of 40 who have started to feel the effects of aging and the challenges they face with their workout and weight loss. Get the results you want and feel younger and healthier with a fitness team you can trust and a wellness plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Our Fitness Solutions

Physical Therapy

Don’t let pain stop you from beginning a new chapter in your life. Our integrated fitness program involves focused physical therapy that will restore your body to its natural glory. From physical therapy evaluation to treatment and injury prevention sessions, our professional physiotherapists use evidence-based modalities to design a comprehensive and specific plan, initial intervention, and the manual techniques needed to begin your healing process. Our therapists are also well-versed in the fitness world and collaborate with our trainers to create a recovery plan for you and your specific injury
Through corrective movement training, our injury prevention sessions will also identify and address issues that can worsen your injury. These observations will also inform your physical training. The Integrated Fitness team also goes beyond your regular physical therapy. We use advanced movement and technique training to allow you to function effectively at more than just your regular activities—you can now perform at your best with minimal pain and limitations. Enjoy a rejuvenating experience and feel younger with our integrated fitness solutions.

One-on-One Training

Working out requires more than just showing up. It requires discipline, the correct combination of exercises, and the motivation and ability to keep going. This is why our trainers plan workout regimes that take into account your fitness goals, past injuries, and limitations. We will track your progress, so you can see improvements week over week to ensure you can hit your personal goals.

What sets us apart from your regular gym is our integrated fitness solutions. Our personal training plan for every client is informed by their physical therapy evaluation. The two work together to offer our clients holistic integrated wellness programs.

As they work closely with you, our personal trainers can provide you with the accountability, encouragement, support, and personalized attention you need to go beyond your limits and scale your fitness goals. We also pay attention to your strengths and weaknesses and tweak your fitness regime to better serve your individual needs and goals.

Our fully-equipped private studio furthers our commitment to providing you with personalized and private 1-on-1 training. Here, there is no waiting, peer pressure, or intimidation—you will only find a workout space that is welcoming and feels like home.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Want to experience the joy of interacting with a ‘gym family’ but still crave and need the personalized attention of a 1-on-1 training session? Join our semi-private personal training session with a friend, spouse, or partner and keep each other motivated and focused. Unlike group workout sessions at your local gym, our semi-private sessions have a limited number of people, so you can get the support and encouragement you need from your fitness community without getting lost in the crowd.

You will still have your own personalized training program, and our certified trainers will be present to offer insights, instructions, and inspiration. So, the difference in fitness levels of the participants won’t matter as they will each be working off their own personal programs.

Therapy & Nutrition

Nutrition Coaching

Starting your fitness journey is hard, but it is even more difficult to discover the right regimen and diet to achieve your dream look. From keto to paleo, there are various diets out there that claim to be the right solution for your weight gain. You don’t have to worry about weeding out the hoax from the healthy diets—our team will do it for you! We understand the importance of a healthy diet for your fitness plan to succeed more than anyone else.
In fact, the Integrated Fitness team has a saying that goes, “We can’t out-train a bad diet.” This is why along with our physical therapist and personal trainer, we also have an in-house nutrition coach who will guide and educate you on making the best choices in the kitchen based on your fitness goals and health needs.

Weight Loss

Reach your fitness goals with physical therapy, personal training, and nutrition planning—all tailored to your specific weight loss needs. Our trainers will walk you through a healthy weight loss routine paired with the right diet so you can look and feel your best. Improve your quality of life and learn to embrace your body with Integrated Fitness Solutions.

Muscle Tone

Join the Integrated Fitness family and discover the smart and effective way to tone your muscles. Our team will provide you with the exercise routine, diet, and physical therapy you need to look and feel healthy and happy. With our integrated fitness approach, you can overcome chronic pain and start your fitness journey at any age!

Core Strength

Strengthen your core muscles and improve your overall well-being with our integrated fitness solutions. A strong core provides your body with balance and stability and allows you to excel at everyday physical activities. Core exercises are also an essential part of injury prevention and can ease back pain and other discomforts. They also lead to toned abdominal muscles. Our trainers will teach you how to effectively build your core strength—so you can thrive as you age and avoid injury.

Corporate Wellness

We are ready to bring our integrated fitness solutions to your workspace. Like our other programs, our corporate wellness solutions integrate physical therapy with personal training to ensure maximum results. Our team will customize a training plan for your employees, so they get holistic treatment and training. Provide your employees with the tools they need to transform their lives and watch your workspace flourish.
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